Regent Park fWe’ve been eyeing this park-in-progress. And for weeks leading up to the unveiling of the new six-acre Regent Park (part of the larger Regent Park Revitalization), the playground was wrapped in caution tape. I must admit, I considered jumping the fence with the boys many times before heading into our swim at the Regent Park Aquatic Centre.

Now open: a fantastic new place to climb, spin, slide and swing. The rectangular-shaped playground is on soft padding (run, toddler, run) and has two small sand boxes (no park toys yet, so bring your own.) With the new trees there is not much shade (yet) but there is tons of seating and a huge open grassy area between the playground and Dundas Street. On our recent visit, the pool‘s windows were open – providing park-to-pool access. What a space!


Getting there: If driving, there is free parking (except before 9 am and between 4-6 pm) along Dundas. Some free parking along residential streets. On TTC, get off the Dundas streetcar at Sumach or take the Parliament bus to Dundas and walk east.

Potty time: Not yet. Washrooms in Aquatic Centre.

Eat: Bring your own snacks. Lots of restos along Parliament St. and a Fresh Co. at Parliament and Dundas. The Sultan of Samosas has already become part of our park’s routine. (Apple samosas!)

Still to come: Community gardens, bake oven and greenhouse.