structureKidstown, located in L’Amoreaux Park in Scarborough, is the only City of Toronto-operated water park. The “pool” (it has lifeguards) boasts a slide into a wading pool, lots of squirting and splashing features (including pedal bikes and a small pirate ship) and a massive colourful structure with filling and dumping stations. The highlight is the huge bucket that tips from ten feet above.

And it’s free.

The area is pretty “well-used” (if you know what I mean) with a number of pylons covering bumpy patches and blocking some areas. But most features were functioning whenever we’ve been there.

Open from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm, it could easily be a half- or a full-day excursion. There are lots of picnic tables and shade and a playground next door. If you can’t squeeze it in this summer, make sure it’s part of your pool circuit next year.

slide bikes


Getting there: It is located on Birchmount Rd in between Steeles and Finch. Driving, it has a free parking lot. By TTC, take the 17 Birchmount bus from Warden Station to Staley and walk north. There is an admission-type entrance. The park can hit capacity at peak times.

Potty time: Yes, washrooms with change tables on site.

Food: Bring your own.

Safety: Similar to the City’s pools and wading pools, there are lifeguards. Kids five-and-under wear bracelets and must stay close to guardians. With all the play structures, music blasting overhead and water splashing and dumping, it’s easy to lose track. The water park is fenced in.


3159 Birchmount Rd