structure2It did feel like we were on a whole other planet. This is a good thing when you’re looking to escape the house, the weather or simply treat the kids to a fun outing that gets them climbing, exploring, sliding, bouncing and just plain playing.

Welcome to Planet Fun, the new 10,000-sq-ft indoor play space in the Eglinton Town Centre at Eglinton Ave and Warden Ave in Scarborough.

My kids were blown away by the huge multi-level play structure. It was the perfect maze for the four-and-olders. Of course my toddler tried desperately to keep up, which ended with mom testing the tunnels. (Yes, adults fit.) There is a designated toddler area and some ride-on toys, plus a bouncy castle to keep the littler ones busy. It’s early days so you’ll likely see some tweaks (and the very friendly staff is happy to have feedback on what you’d like to see.)

For the adults in TOw (who are not chasing toddlers), there are comfortable couches where you can relax and watch the action. There is also free wifi.

It’s open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. Check out the view:


Getting there: In the Eglinton Town Centre next to the Cineplex Odeon at Eglinton Ave E and Warden Ave. It’s part of the mall complex, so tons of free parking. On TTC, from Eglinton Subway Station you can take the 34 Eglinton bus. The 68 Warden bus travels north from Warden Subway Station.

Low-down: $8 per child + $5 per sibling. They do parties and stay open for drop in visits. Super spacious and very clean when we visited. Socks only for big and small.

Food: No outside food. Nut-free. They have a full kitchen with made-in-house pizza, pasta and salad. There are lots of snacks (head’s up – kids in TOw may catch sight of some pop, chips and cotton candy among the offerings.)  Additions to the menu to come. There is mini-food court seating.

Potty time: Yes to family washrooms.

Mark the calendars: New Year’s Eve – Planet Fun will be open til 9 pm with a big countdown and surprises for the kids at 8 pm.

In the works: There is always staff supervising play time. This is not babysitting –  parents/guardians need to keep an eye on their children. However, watch out for some upcoming childcare offerings – date night drop off (there is a movie theatre next door) and PD programming.

24 Lebovic Ave
Tel: 416.750.7529