EscapeRoomforKidsI was locked in a room with my kids and my parents for over an hour. And it was the best time ever.

Escape rooms have become one of the newest playgrounds for adults in Toronto. There are dozens of games across the city that have friends (and strangers) working together to solve puzzles, crack codes and figure out murder mysteries. Now your kids can help you hunt for clues.

Looking Glass Adventures, an escape room experience on the Danforth in the Toronto’s east end, offers a family-friendly mission.

I brought a set of grandparents and two kids (six and three.) We were given a few directives and each a flashlight before entering a dark room. There are no specific tasks set out for kids and no scary or disturbing elements (other than being in the dark until you figured out how to turn on the damn lights!) I was really impressed how the kids naturally discovered so many parts of the puzzle and we actually worked together to piece it all together.

I won’t divulge any other details. You just have to do it. As my three-year-old said upon turning over the hour glass at the start of the game: “Mom, this is the best day ever.”

(PS – If you’re looking for another family-friendly experience, check out Mysterious Minds Escape Room at Bloor and Spadina.)


LookingGlassAdventuresGetting thereLooking Glass Adventures is downstairs at 2220 Danforth Avenue (north side) just east of Woodbine. Paid street parking is $1.50 per hour; free residential parking in the neighbourhood. On TTC, walk east from Woodbine Subway station.

Low-down: This is a one-room 60-minute game. Give yourself 1.5 hours. There is a short intro (you are sent to your uncle’s office to retrieve something that someone is after) and there is a photo opp following the game.  Adults are $25; Children 6 to 12 are $15 and kids five-and-under are free. Must have at least 3 adults – (4 adults are strongly encouraged given the amount of puzzles.) You can book a date and time online. Gift certificates are also available.

Party Party: Call to inquire about kids/teen birthday parties. Looking Glass Adventures can cater to the age and size of your group to provide the best experience.

Adults too: This is fun and challenging for a group of adults.

If you’re hooked: For more escape room adventures, check out the Escape Room Addicts for a full list of escape rooms across Ontario, with reviews or The Escapist TO. We haven’t tried out other kid-friendly experiences. (Anyone know of others?) School groups can try Decode Canada.


Looking Glass Adventures
2200 Danforth Avenue (at Cedarbrae Ave, east of Woodbine)