Clay Room

Clay Room

Kids love to paint. (The mini art gallery on our fridge is proof of that.) So why not let them make that artful mess somewhere else next time?

We recently had our youngster channel his inner artist to painting ceramics at The Clay Room on the Danforth. There are over 300 pieces to choose from, ranging from plates to frames to piggy banks. The drop-in set-up makes it easy to go when boredom hits at home. It took us about an hour to paint two small projects – about the attention span of a four-year-old with mom in TOw. A week later, we picked up the final project that had been glazed and fired on site.

It makes for a great homemade gift-giving option. (You know, to ensure that your shelves don’t end up like your fridge.)


Getting there: South-side of Danforth in between Logan and Broadview. Paid parking ($2.25 per hour) along the Danforth (though no parking during some rush-hour windows.) Free residential parking in the hood (though you’ll find lots of one-hour only without permit.) On TTC, Chester or Broadview stations.

Cost: The flat rate for studio time is based on the size of the piece (objects range from $4 – $45.) This includes supplies and assistance from the staff. The person helping us seemed used to kids and provided some great advice on colours and how many to use in order to keep the little ones engaged and guarantee a pretty good outcome. For us, each piece (a mug and a photo frame) cost $20.

Age: Depending on your child, the sweet spot would be around 5-and-older. It’s an all-ages studio and they seemed used to hosting kids (and the potential noise and mess that comes with.) I was pretty conscious of the adults who may have had their artistic zen disrupted by a few excited preschoolers. Adults can have parties too.

More painting: Open every day. Check out their birthday party and camp options.

In the hood: Need baby/kid supplies or gifts? Local and ethical kid products at 100-Mile Child (north side just east of the Big Carrot) and baby stuff at Fab Baby Gear across the street.

79 Danforth Ave.