EarthPLAY’s POP UP Adventure Playground

There has been a new kind of playground popping up in green spaces across Toronto.

For past two summers, PLAYbynature has been putting unstructured play back into the lives of kids through a series of POP UP Adventure Playgrounds. Partnering with local organizations, PLAYbynature sets up an outdoor day of play where kids aged five to 15 get their imaginations going with cardboard boxes, wood boards, tubes, shovels and a whole lot of other scrap materials and just plain stuff. Supervision is at a minimum; there is no instruction or direction.

My boys had their first taste earlier this summer at the Fairmount Farm Market. They first joined in on some random digging then switched to hiding out in a bunch of boxes with some new friends. Their favourite play pieces: an old rotary phone and egg beater.

Playbynature pipes Playbynature Mud

Playbynature box Playbynature egg

Check out the calendar for the next POP UP Adventure Playground experience. Or contact them to create one in your community.









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