Photo by Emily D Photography.

Emily Ward lives and breathes PR. The Toronto mom-of-two and “chief glitter officer” at Shine PR runs her own public relations business, an adventure that began almost a year ago with business partner and friend Jess Hunichen. She just launched her latest gem – Shine Influencers, a talent management agency that matches social superstars in lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty, health and travel worlds with brands and agencies. This mom know how to connect.

This is how she got here and what she loves about the city with kids in TOw.

Motherhood at the Moment:

I’m mommy to my five year-old son and two-and-a-half year-old daughter. I have a full-time nanny who is more like my sister than a babysitter. I did the WAHM thing for a while, and although I adore time with my kids, it truly wasn’t for me. We are all so much happier in the mania that we live in right now and I am lucky to have our nanny in my life to help as part of our (parenting) team.

Current Kid Challenge:

We are all trying to get our daughter out of diapers, which I seem to be much less worried about the second time around. We have hundreds of pieces of Lego that are all over the house and my son’s favourite playtime seems to be getting me to look for them. My daughter has a love for a cabbage patch doll whose hair has turned into dreadlocks and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve debated just buying her a new one and swapping it out, but she’s smarter than that and I’ll surely pay for it. My kids are both at an awesome stage. If I had a good video of them both singing “Thunderstruck”….you’d get it.

Keep Mom Sane:

My ex-husband and I have managed to crack the code and remain best friends and parents together. My life is hectic and his support means the world to me. My business partner Jess keeps the other side of me sane. We are so invested in Shine that it is impossible not to also be ingrained in each other’s personal lives. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s not work when I get to create, network and travel with one of my closest friends.

Favourite Hood:

I am a Toronto girl who grew up in North Toronto, but escaped the bubble to live in other wonderful parts of the city. I currently call a lesser-known nook of East York home. For family time, I love The Beaches. I think everything is better by the water and in the summer my little bunnies can’t tell the difference between a beach in Toronto or one in California.

Best Place to Visit as a Family:

My kids are good little city tourists and have enjoyed the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto Zoo, the Aquarium to name a few. It is important to me for my kids to experience live theatre, which is a big reason why I support Young People’s Theatre. So much of our entertainment is experienced on screen – being in an audience is an essential experience.

Perfect Day Alone in Toronto:

This has stumped me. I actually don’t think I’ve done it! Sad, I know, but it’s been pregnancy, babies and business for the past 6+ years. Maybe this is my excuse to have a “Me” day soon.