TorontoRUSH kids

Photo by Ed Kung.

Even if you haven’t touched a disc (that’s what you call a Frisbee™) outside of playing catch on the beach (that by the way is not really Ultimate), don’t let that stop you from checking out one of the world’s fastest growing – and moving – sports. The game of Ultimate is so accessible for everyone, especially kids. (See why below.)

One of the best places to experience Ultimate is watching one of our city’s most winning-est teams – the Toronto RUSH at Varsity Stadium. The professional Ultimate team tours the Canada and the US as part of the American Ultimate Disc League.

Here are some of the incredible throws, catches and bids you can expect to see at a game:


What the F is Ultimate: It’s a fast-paced non-contact team sport that combines the best of many sports (cutting like soccer, pivoting and jumping like basketball, diving like volleyball and catching the disc in the end-zone like football.) It’s self-officiated, meaning players make their own calls. (At the pro level, referees make the calls.) If you’re keen have a look at the rules and Ultimate lingo before you go.

Kids should play because:

  • it’s inexpensive (buy disc, go to a park.)
  • promotes a healthy lifestyle (lots of running.)
  • encourages fair play and “Spirit of the Game” (non-contact and self-officiating.)
  • wanna play? Contact the Toronto Ultimate Club for info on its Youth Ultimate programs.

Getting there: The entrance to Varsity Stadium is on Bloor St. W at St. George. Paid street parking and underground parking in the area. Closest subway stop is St. George.

Low-down: Tickets are – youth/student/senior $10.95 (advance) and $12.95 (game day); adults $12.95 (advanced) and $15.95 (game day.) Kids 5-and-under are free. Games are usually 2 hours long – there is one intermission.

Snacks: Some fast-food / vending machine-type food and drink available.

Kid-friendly: Kids can head to field level to test their accuracy and toss some discs. On Sunday, May 1 there is a Star Wars-themed game.

Adult-friendly: Beer garden.

In the hood: The Royal Ontario Museum and Bata Shoe Museum are in walking distance. Buy a Toronto RUSH disc and head to the closest green space to toss and run ‘em — two blocks north at Taddle Creek Park (with playground), Philosphers’ Walk next to the ROM or head to Queen’s Park Circle.

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