Moms in T.O. – Shira Ben, The Beauty Movement

Shira Loves Make Up Beauty Movement
Photo by Emily D Photography.
Founder and Makeup Artist at The Beauty Movement

“Having your own business is a challenge and I think that I’m a better mom because I am showing my daughter what it looks like to be a strong and resilient woman.”

Shira’s story is one of resilience.

Born-and-raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Shira and her family moved to Israel when she was 13. It was a challenge – a teen and knowing no Hebrew. While finishing high school, her parents separated and she stayed behind (she was drafted to the army) while her family was sponsored by an uncle in Toronto. She applied for university in Toronto, got accepted and arrived here the first day of frosh week.

Shira remembers everyone being so helpful and friendly and knew Toronto would be her home. It has been ever since.

On Moms in T.O. she talks about the journey that let her to owning a super successful beauty business The Beauty Movement, her mom-life and how she’ll be rockin’ it along side Gwyneth Paltrow next month as the goop goddess launches a new makeup line in the city.


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