I’d bet there is a little ninja warrior in every family home in Toronto. You know, the kid who likes to run, slide, jump, climb, test every limit and seem to have endless energy? Well, if you have one of those, they’ll feel right at home at Ninjaz, Canada’s first Ninja Warriors training facility.

We checked out the new indoor space on a weekday morning during Winter Break. Located in a large plaza off Highway 27 just north of Hwy 7, the bright, spacious and very clean gym boasts a Kids Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course with things like a spider wall, ring slider, pole climb, monkey bars and four cool climbing walls equipped with harnesses and auto belay. There is a soft play area perfect for littler ninjas and ample opportunities for kids of all ages to challenge themselves, practice new skills and balance and build confidence while burning tons of energy. (Read: sweaty kids.)

It’s an all-ages facility and my seven year-old seemed to be at the sweetspot of being able to attempt all the obstacles. My four-year-old could keep up but needed my help on the obstacle course. In the end, he stuck with the soft play area with the double-lane turbo slides and tons of climbing and mini ninja features as his central spot to play.

This isn’t a drop off (they do have day and PA camps available), so parents can accompany kids inside, but can’t participate in the activities. There is an adult version on one side with two vertical warped walls (photo below). Kids over four feet, whatever age, can give those a go. There is some seating in and along the café (cash only). Plus free wifi.

Here is what you can expect:


Soft Play Area


Adult Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course


Two of the four climbing walls and Kids Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course


Close up of the Kids Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course — café in the far left.


Getting there: The facility is in the east end of a large plaza west off of Hwy 27 and north of Hwy 7. Free parking.

Low-down: The cost is $20 per kid for one hour. So be sure to take advantage of every last minute. Kids under 4 are only permitted in the soft play area ($10 for one hour.) You can also buy a full day pass ($35) or membership. Parents don’t pay to accompany unless they are participating in the Adult Ninja Obstacle course. They also offer classes and birthday party packages. To save time, sign the waiver online. Socks only. No slippers, no barefeet for both kids and adults. More answers to your questions here: FAQs.

Contact: 6260 Hwy 7, Units 10-12, Vaughan, ON L4H 4G3 (Located just North of Element Hotel in the same plaza) Tel: 905.851.1661 Email: