Halloween Treats: Spookies by Toronto’s New Moon Kitchen

Hello Halloween and all the good and not-so-goodness that comes with it.

It seems that every year as my little trick-or-treaters grow, so do the bags of sugary junk they haul in after an evening of touring the block. (You can see how I feel about and cope with the crap here.)

So you can be sure I was over the moon when I discovered Hallowe’en Spookies by Toronto’s New Moon Kitchen. Owner, lead baker and Toronto mom Eden Hertzog created them after the many requests for a healthier and allergen-free option for Halloween loot. (New Moon’s west-end facility is dairy-, egg-, nut- and peanut-free, as well as certified kosher parve, meaning none of the ingredients has touched manufacturing lines with dairy present.)

We got to sample and all the little taste-testers in TOw agreed – yummy. The super cute individually-packed chocolate chip cookies are a decent size (probably 5-ish bites for the average kid) and for moms like me who like to know, that’s 5g of sugar per cookie made with eight ingredients.

I’d be very happy to give, receive and post-Halloween pack ’em for snacks. These will not go the way of the Treat Fairy.

You can find them around TOwn – 1kg package of 5o cookies is $20. Get your order in as last year they sold out quickly.

Happy Halloween!

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