I always feel like the world’s best parent when I suggest an IMAX outing to my kids. Not only does the massive screen blow their minds, the story is always exciting and most-importantly educative.

Our last trip to the dome at the Ontario Science Centre was our first for our toddler in TOw. I couldn’t have chosen a better intro. I am always aware of the possible scare factor, even if it’s not meant to be scary. (We never did see Sharks – although mom may have been the most apprehensive having grown up in the age of Jaws.)

Narrated by Ewan McGregor, the MacGillivray Freeman film Humpback Whales is fascinating and inspiring for all ages. This story of these giant mammals (as large as a school bus and as heavy and 500 humans) on a giant screen (4,500 times bigger than an average TV with sound from 44 speakers) makes you feel like you’ve dove in and joined the ocean adventure.

There is drama (incredible shots of humpback whales breaching and trapping krill and schools of fish), action (rescue boats saving a humpback whale trapped in nets), music (humpbacks, mostly males, produce some of the most complex songs known to the animal kingdom and the reason is still unknown), triumph (slow and steady recovery from 90 per cent depletion in the 1960s) and call to action (protect our oceans from current threats.)

And for the mamas in TOw, there is motherly love. (See the photo above. Copyright Brandon Cole.) Moms give birth after 12 months of pregnancy to a 4.5 metre calf who consumes 100 lbs of milk per day for 5-7 months. The “little guys” spend one year bonding with their mamas before they fend for themselves.

Have a peek. We may have watched this trailer 20 times before the real thing. And 20 times and counting after.



Getting there: All you need to know about getting there. Two paid parking lots ($5 members; $10 non-members.) Entrance to IMAX is on main floor past the escalators.

Getting in: Admission is ($13 Adults; $9 for kids under 17 and seniors; free for 2-and-under) but if you plan to revisit go with membership (IMAX film tickets are 50% off). Buy tickets online to skip the line. ScheduleHumpback Whales screen generally twice a day, three times on weekends. More on the IMAX® Dome experience.

More big screen: There are four other IMAX presentations. We’ve also love the Science Centres’ Planetarium.


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